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Presentations and Seminars


In a seasonal industry, it can be difficult to keep your new and returning team members motivated, especially in busy and demanding times.  Our presentations for front-line team members and management alike are designed to inspire and excite while communicating a need for a consistent culture and level of service.  Your team will exceed your customer’s expectations and in turn achieve the goals and objectives detailed in your business plan.  

Allow us to prepare and/or present any service culture changes and implementations to your team.  Our tried and true management tools, techniques and approaches will be presented to your team offering help to implement them if necessary. Why re-invent the wheel!?!


We offer the following presentations:

  • Management & Employee Teambuilding

  • Seasonal Staff Orientation

  • New Initiatives Implementation resulting from Fresh Eyes Evaluations

  • New Culture, Brand and/or Service Level Launch


Take advantage of our team’s expertise in all facets of the golf industry.  Our professionals remain in the industry, managing properties of their own, and are kept up to date on the latest strategies, successes and techniques.  Our presentations are dynamic and interactive and their length will be directly reflected in the cost to your company.  Presentations are customized to your company’s mission, vision and goals and based on your requirements; we can prepare a brief 2 hour pep-talk or develop a full management retreat.

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