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Cadrobay and Ten Mile Area


This is super fun summer camp in Victoria.  Outside there is a big gym where there are lots of beams bars and swinging.  We call it Toddler Gyms because it is for kids 4 and under which is toddler pretty much.  So if you want to join and you have a kid that is under 4 please send in your kid at this address if you want them to have fun.


On July 12, 2021, we will give you a sheet to sign.  Email if you want a sheet to sign, send it back to this address 2763 Arbutus Road, when you are done signing the sheet.  Then you will get a sheet that lets you know if the kid is accepted or not into the Toddler Gyms.  If he or she are accepted, they would get a sheet that says accepted and an uniform.

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